Frequently Asked Questions About Shamanistic Healing

Frequently asked questions

How does Shamanism work?

The shamanic practitioner has relationships with Guides and Allies who help the practitioner move energy around to improve your present and future prospects.

What is Energy Medicine?

You are primarily an energy being, although you appear in a physical form. Influencing your physical, mental and emotional health is your energetic signature. Energy Medicine moves directly to positively affect your energy. In this way the rest of your health, physical, mental, emotional, improves.

What kind of people go to Shamanic practitioners ?

People seeking to improve their energy, health, career. People who have questions about relationships with people living or passed away. People who want to renew their sense of purpose and joy.

What does the word Shaman mean?

The word shaman has roots in many languages and means healer. Although originally reported on in the 1950s by Western anthropologists studying in Siberia, in fact the practice of shamanism is trans-cultural and pan-historic. Other countries and times simply have different names and styles for the same essential practice, namely connecting with Nature and the Divine to provide healing to suffering humanity.

What is the relationship between ancient and modern practice of shamanism ?

Whereas ancient or indigenous practitioners usually inherited the role and the knowledge, modern practitioners are called by an unmistakable inner calling. Training is available from Spirit as well as from teachers and schools.

What about plants ?

Shamanism was originally connected to plant medicine. Herbs were used to treat people. These days most modern Shamans do not treat with plants. Not all ancient and indigenous practitioners depended on the use of psychoactive plants for their abilities and effectiveness.Similarly today. 21st century shamanism is not dependent on entheogens.

Is shamanism a religion?

No. Shamanism is not a religion. Shamanism is the practice of direct experience. By entering altered states of consciousness at will, for a purpose, the shaman brings back knowledge and assistance for themselves or others.

What can I expect from a session with a Shaman?

After healing sessions, people report feeling ‘lighter’, clearer, healthier and happier.

What are modern Shamans trained to do?

The modern shaman learns to journey, that is, travel across time and space, in an altered state of consciousness. The modern shaman develops skills in stepping in and out of ordinary and extraordinary reality. Listening is the main skill of a healer. Techniques consist of ‘seeing’ past surface reality to the core issues. After that, whatever does not serve is cleared and disposed of in a proper manner. Finally, beneficial and healing energy is retrieved.

Are Shamans spiritual?

Ideally yes. It helps greatly if in addition to learning techniques and protocol, the practitioner of shamanism has a spiritual practice.

Shamanistic Healing can be quite new to some people. Have any other questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out.

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