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Integrating this healing brings you increased energy, peace, clarity of purpose, and joy, with your health and your relationships to others, to life purpose, and to Self, enhanced.

Additional Services Offered:

  • Phone Readings
  • Readings for couples
  • Remote Viewing
  • Space Clearing & Blessing
  • Find lost things and pets
  • Pet/animal communication
  • Communication with houses, trees, babies, the unborn, and the dead
  • Psychopomp (helping departed spirits pass over)
  • Clearing land, houses to bless and new homes and businesses onsite or long distance.

Your session with Raina will be intuitively guided and completely unique, tailored to your needs.

Shamanic Healing

Bring your questions and your sacred intention with you ! Raina approaches your session with skill and compassion. In a shamanic state of consciousness, Raina sees images and hears messages highlighting your current situation.
Transformation of past patterns is the result, freeing you to develop your gifts and create the future that is in your heart.

1 hour $110.                   ($110/hour)

90 minutes $150.          ($100/hour)

2 hours $190.                 ($95/hour)

$190/ 2 Hr Session is reccomended for the most complete experience.


Reiki is a Universal healing energy with modern roots in Japan. Reiki provides deep relaxation and mental, emotional and spiritual health and recuperation. Raina is an Usui Reiki Master in Holy Fire Reiki from the International Center for Reiki Training and can offer stand alone Reiki session.

$120 /Stand-Alone Reiki Session

Soul Retrieval Series

Guided by her Teacher and Allies, she chooses from a great variety of powerful shamanic methods proven to offer healing.
These may include: energetic clearing, cord cutting, aspect maturation, curse unraveling, past life re setting, mediumship, compassionate spirit release, connecting with wise ancestors, filling with light, or soul retrieval.
Your highest good is served by the remedies best suited for you, discovered by journeying across time and space.

Soul Retrieval series of 3 sessions 1 week apart 

5 hours $450.                 ($90/hour)

*Prepaid required

Raina works remotely and can offer all these healings over the phone to people anywhere in the country and the world. Her practice has reached Canada, India, France and South Africa.

“My first-ever Reiki session was with Raina. It was a fantastic first experience. Raina is an incredibly gifted and intuitive healer, I couldn’t recommend her more.”

– J. L.

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